Fund Overview

Japan and greater Asia focus, value bias, risk aware.

The SFP Value Realization Fund

Launched in September 2003, The SFP Value Realization Fund is a long-bias, constructive engagement strategy which invests and works closely with willing managements of deeply undervalued Japanese companies who share our desire to see their companies’ intrinsic value reflected in the share price.

The SFP Japan Special Opportunities Fund

The SFP Japan Special Opportunities Fund is a liquid, all cap, diversified extension of our flagship Japan fund’s deep value engagement strategy and targets companies at the forefront of Japan’s new shareholder-focused “corporate awakening”. It was launched in May 2015.

Sinfonietta Fund

The Sinfonietta Fund was launched in June 2008 and is a pan-Asia opportunistic hedge fund initially established to trade only the partners’ capital in equity, credit, and currency instruments across the Asian markets, including Japan. Idiosyncratic, non-correlated, and non-bench mark oriented.

For more information on the funds, please contact info@symphony-fp.com.sg